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We are currently updating our project roadmap and websites with updated information.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but we aim to be fully updated within the next few months.

About Us is operated by ParkByte Limited; a UK registered company which was started in 2015 and has been hard at work building the next generation of parking ticket infrastructure.

The parking industry is an enormous industry, there are an estimated 8-11million parking spaces in the UK, not including the millions of privately owned spaces (Driveways, Garages, Fields, Warehouses, Storage Containers). We are targeting the millions of micro transactions these parking spaces generate on a daily basis.

The industry is developing quickly with current technological advancements. However, these advancements to date have been very centralised and we believe this is a mistake.

Decentralising as many services as possible bring some much needed benefits like; Redundancy, Security, Consumer Choice, Future Proof Systems and Cost Savings.

We are developing four modules to enable the car park operators and consumers to take back control from the centralised service providers.

We believe these service companies do have an important role to play within the parking industry but in such a technological time, systems should be streamlined, saving operational costs and improving consumer experiences.

Our Modules





Frequently Asked Questions

Your website has been updating for months
Sorry, we have been busy finalising our future plans. We will be updating our website over the next few months so keep checking back for updates.

Will there be an ICO?
No, due to recent regulatory announcements we have abandoned all our ICO plans entirely.

Is the PKB blockchain owned by ParkByte Limited?
No, the PKB blockchain is decentralised, therefore it is not owned by any individual.

Are PKB and PKC tokens the same?
Due to technical developments we have decided it would be best to keep one single token. PKC tokens will no longer be created or used in the ParkByte platform.

Is ParkByte Limited moving its registered office to Switerzland?
No, we have decided to stay registered in the UK.